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Third set of domino tiles.
Playing dominoes on a game board.

The set of dominoes "C".

tiles of third set and combinations of digits of 32 tiles

Initial playing positions.

playing positions or digit composition on a game board

Three dominoes elements’ sets can form this game package. Namely, there are two main dominoes sets “A” and “B”, and the third set “C” which is designed for playing on the game board which consists of 8 vertical and 8 horizontal square rows, and all has 64 squares.
The third set includes domino tiles with combinations of digits from 0 to 3, which applied as dashes near frontal edges of elements or pieces, or tokens, or printed cards.
The third set contains 32 domino tiles in all, and includes two groups. Any group has 16 tiles each. Each group includes combinations of digits from 0 to 3 with doubles presented once and fractions which are presented twice.
These playing groups differ from each other by orienting arrows’ contrast. It allows two players to distinguish their dominoes from opponent’s tiles.
Back sides of domino tiles in the third set differ from each other by presence or absence of crosses.
Two groups of tiles of the third domino set composition, which are located on opposite horizontal sides of the game board in initial playing positions as in a chess, are shown in Figure 1(C).
Because of the third set’s digit composition is unusual one, only limited number of dominoes game rules can be played. But rules of some games become better in comparison with gaming, which use dominoes sets “A” and “B”.

Images for the third set of of dominoes and pictures of game board for printing, and also rules of games and puzzles can be downloaded in the PDF file.

Gaming rules for the third complete set are translated into English language.

PDF file with images for printing cards and game rules

I hope that offered gaming with dominoes will seem to you as interesting!


Rules and laws of open games and puzzles with dominoes.
This code of laws is intended for participants of the present board game with dominoes.
We consider the fact that digits of dominoes and squares of playing board are symbols of mathematical ratio of world around, and consequently we count that rules of gaming should not contradict open realization of human relationships which are a basic principle for coexistence of people.
We realize that playing process is carried out between people and occurs during time of human lives, but gaming with dominoes is a philosophical projection of infinite eternity. And consequently we believe that duration of game has no value but mutual relation of people matter, and also ideas of men and women who realize domino as a life time.
We think that prize or wins are determined by mathematical sizes which are different for each person, as people have individual parameters, and consequently we have not the right to influence other participants of game and to deform individual features.
We believe that values of material world can not be criterion for realization of this board game, namely dominoes can not be caused by material interests which equivalents are money.
We count that mutual relationships of gamers symbolize unity of individualities, and consequently principles of this board game are in understanding of ideas and plans which arise in minds of people during gaming interaction.
We take into account circumstance that contemporary world provokes demonstration of egoism which stimulates distribution of hazard games, and consequently we do not count dominoes as gambling.

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I hope that the third complete set and other assortment of this board game with dominoes will be worthy your attention.