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board game package of dominoes description of gaming design downloading to print images dark and white circles

games on a checker board checker-board and playing positions playing constructions of domino

Third set of domino tokens.
Numbers of dominoes on a checker-board.

The third complete set of this board game package of dominoes holds patent for invention RU2259223.
The trade mark name can be "risks" that means scale points designating numbers of dominoes on playing cards and tokens or tiles if to see two Russian meanings of this word. And also it means "risky game" if someone is interested in industrial production or publishing and trading distribution of this gaming design.
Pieces of dominoes can look like paper playing cards, or volumetric tiles or tokens which are made of polymeric materials.
And also pieces of dominoes of this board game can be made of color glass tiles or otherwise to tell flat crystals as souvenir and gift copies.
Checker-boards too can be made of color stained glass in the form of game tables, that can be interesting to fans of bridge or poker, and also for chess players as original gifts.
Or souvenir and gift copies of this intellectual board game can be considered as presents for the president of International Domino Federation and chairmen of physical culture and sports committees at governments of world states.

On this page there is the link on PDF file for downloading to print and play.


Set of domino tokens "C".

glass tiles for intellectual logic puzzles and conundrums

Playing positions of dominoes.

educational kid toys for intellectual training with children

Description of construction design.

Package of the present board game has complete sets of volumetric tokens or paper playing cards of dominoes "A" and "B", and also the third deck "C" which too is adapted for games and conundrums or puzzles on a checker-board of 8 vertical and 8 horizontal rows of squares. Namely numerical system of the third complete set correspond to 64 squares which are analogue of a chessboard, that allows to play with domino numbers as with playing figures of chessmen or draughts.
The mathematical digital system of the third complete set includes tokens of dominoes with pair combinations of numbers only from 0 to 3. Numbers are represented on tokens in the form of scale points at frontal edges. In total third complete set contains 32 domino tokens, and also this deck includes two groups in each of which there are 16 numerical combinations. Namely fractions in each group are presented twice, and doubles once.
Groups differ with contrast of focusing arrows which are dark on a light background in one case, and light on a dark background in the second case, that allows two players to distinguish tokens of dominoes if everyone plays by one of groups.
Also domino tokens of two groups are noted by presence and absence of daggers on backs.
Besides double dark circles on backs designate difference of domino tokens in the third set "C" from complete sets "A" and "B".
Initial game positions of two groups are shown in picture 1(C).
As it is possible to see, tokens of dominoes in initial positions are located on opposite horizontals of checker-board as chessmen, and consequently the present board game can be considered as similar to a chess. But also rules of various games and conundrums can be similar to classical playing cards.
In total by means of three complete sets of domino tokens or printed cards on a playing checker-board it is possible to play various variants of games and to solve diverse puzzles or conundrums. Rules of some games are expedient if players use complete sets "A" or "B", and some games and puzzles are more interesting at use of the deck "C" as mathematical systems of numbers are different.

Look designs of images and pictures for printing of this complete set, and also game rules in the PDF file.

rules for games are translated into English language in this PDF file

Instructions and rules for games with dominoes of the third complete set are translated into English language in this PDF file.

I hope that offered board game or digital gaming with dominoes will seem to you as interesting and entertaining!


Correct using of your home printer is necessary to print images an pictures, and also skill to use glue and scissors is necessary to make dominoes in the form of printed playing cards.
If handmade manufacturing of this board game will be realized then inform your opinion: panf-sergey@list.ru.
If there will be any questions, also address to me.
Here look the address of online blog for discussions about dominos on a chessboard, and also many other themes for talks about various logic board games with gaming elements on which there can be images of digits, or letters with numbers, or suits and numerical value of classical playing cards, or other game symbols.
The blog has the name "Glass Bead Game" that corresponds to the title of Hermann Hesse's fantastic book about players who will organize tournaments of intellectual logic puzzles and conundrums. And also this title of book and blog has mental associations with color glass tiles or flat crystals of dominoes which as souvenir copies of this board game can be gifts for the president of International Federation of Domino, or for officials in committees of physical culture and sports in world governments, because beads too are glass crystals.

Playing cards with images of domino numbers can be used as methodical manuals or educational kid toys for intellectual training with children at lessons of mathematics in classes of school. In particular for studying fractions, because dominoes are fractional combinations of numbers. Or for explanation of mathematical rules and principles of different scales of notation to schoolboys, because digits of dominoes can be considered as fractions which are formed by numbers or numerical signs of different scales of calculations in a context of mathematics.