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Complete sets of hexagonal dominoes.
Board game with hexaminoes.

Logic board game "hexaminoes" or "hexagonal dominoes" possesses patent for invention RU2228781.
Pieces of hexagonal dominoes can be made of dense paper as printed playing cards, or polymeric materials in the form of volumetric tiles or tokens.
And also playing pieces of hexagonal dominoes can be made of ivory or other natural bones as gift or souvenir copies.
Playing boards can be made of valuable breeds of trees and precious types of wood as inlaid game tables, that can be rather original and significant gifts for chess players, or also for fans of preference and bridge or poker and other card gaming.
Or souvenir copies of the present board game can be considered as prize-winning gifts to winners of world championships and tournaments of the International Domino Federation.

On this page there is the link of PDF file which is possible for downloading to print images of hexaminoes.


First set of hexagonal domino tokens.

playing cards of hexagonal dominoes with images of numbers

Second set of hexagonal domino tokens.

package of board game of two sets of hexagonal domino tokens

Cellular board for hexagonal dominoes.

hexagonal geometrical forms of tokens and cells of playing board

Description of construction and design.

Offered hexagonal dominoes or otherwise to tell hexaminoes are constructions having unusual game design as playing pieces have six-sided geometrical forms but numbers are represented as scale points only at four opposite sides.
Namely these hexagonal dominoes differ from usual traditional hexaminoes which have images of numerical signs at six sides.
In essence this variant of board game is similar for quadratic dominoes, but differs that playing pieces have hexagonal geometrical forms. Namely mathematical systems of numbers in complete sets of hexaminoes and quadraminoes are similar, and actually two variants of gaming design have similar positions of digital designations concerning focusing arrows and identical distributions to proportional groups in structures of decks, but geometrical forms of game components are different according to hexagonal cells or checker squares of different playing boards.
Namely package of the offered variant of board game contains two complete sets of 24 hexagonal domino tokens in everyone with four-digit combinations of numbers from 1 to 3. Complete sets differ with presence or absence of dark circles and different hachure designs on backs, and also by color circles and contrast focusing arrows on front-face areas of tokens, that is similar to designations in decks of quadratic dominoes.
Two colors of tokens or printed cards of each complete set designate proportional groups which too are similar for design of digital systems in quadratic dominoes. Namely four-digit combinations of numbers of red and yellow, and also green and blue tokens in each of complete sets are equivalent concerning focusing arrows, that provides optimum game interaction and equal chances of wins if players have proportional groups or two decks on a playing board according to focusing designations.
Also package of the present variant of board game has hexagonal playing board which is experimental model or design which is intended to play some games and puzzles or conundrums with hexaminoes. But I can give other models which have various geometrical configurations and different quantity of hexagonal cells, or otherwise to tell different cellular structures which can be necessary for realization of rules of diverse intellectual games and logic puzzles with hexaminoes.
Some cells of the shown playing board are allocated by dark color that is similar to a draught of chessboard, but differs and corresponds to gaming design of so-called hexagonal chess, that is necessary in rules of some games and puzzles with hexamino tokens.
Cells of central zone are allocated by contrast color, namely this playing board has 79 at all and 51 cells in the centr, that too is necessary for rules of various games and puzzles or conundrums.
Horizontal rows of cells have numerical notations.
Possible arrangements of hexagonal domino tokens or printed cards of two complete sets and proportional groups in initial playing positions are shown in pictures 1 and 2.

Hexagonal forms of tokens and cells of playing board in this variant of game are others in comparison with traditional square dominoes, and accordingly tactical characteristics are others, namely it is possible to tell that strategic rules and logic parameters are unusual. Therefore I bring to your attention images which are is possible for downloading in the form of PDF file for printing and testing playing process.

Download gexru.pdf.
This is PDF file where game rules and instructions of puzzles are written in Russian language, but images for printing hardcopies on home printers are available in format A4.

I hope that this variant of board gaming with hexagonal dominoes will be for you interesting and entertaining!

Configurations of cells on the present playing board for hexagonal dominoes can be others. The offered configuration is one of experimental game models, but there can be other designs having different geometrical forms and quantities of cell rows.

Playing positions for two complete sets.
Picture 1st.

playing pieces with images of digital combinations as beer honeycombs

Playing positions for proportional groups.
Picture 2nd.

sensor monitors in models of tablet computers for intellectual conundrums


The shown tiles or tokens, or playing cards of hexagonal dominoes with images of digital combinations are similar to beer honeycombs as playing pieces have six-sided geometrical forms or shapes, and consequently have mental associations with systems of cellular networks of communication. It can be interesting to programmers and developers of computer games for mobile telephones. As modern mobile and smart phones have enough great touch screens in which space it is possible to play computer variants of board games with hexagonal dominoes. And also sensor monitors in modern models of tablet computers are enough to display intellectual conundrums and to solve logic puzzles with dominoes on checker or cellular playing boards.