game of quadratic dominoes

pictures of domino tokens decks for entertaining conundrums playing pieces for conundrums puzzles with quadraminoes

souvenir copies of board game rules for poker players mathematical design of numbers

Decks of quadratic dominoes.
Board game of quadraminoes.

The board game "quadraminoes" or "quadratic dominoes" holds patent for invention RU2243802.
Playing pieces of quadratic dominoes can be made of dense paper as printed cards, or other materials in the form of volumetric tokens or tiles.
In particular volumetric playing pieces of quadraminoes can be made by methods of laser engraving on metal panels, or on gold and silver tiles as souvenir gift copies.
Checker-boards too can be made in the form of playing tables of precious metals that can be rather significant gifts for collectors of chess sets and other board games, and also for bridge or poker players.
Or souvenir copies of this board game can be considered as original prizes to world champions or gifts to grand chess-masters who can become members of the International Domino Federation and develop the present board game with dominoes as sporting discipline which can be in programs of Olympiads as an official kind of sports.
In the end of this page there is the link on PDF file which is possible for downloading. Then you can print images of square domino playing cards and to start games or conundrums.


Two decks of quadratic dominoes.

digital designations of different numerical systems of quadraminoes variants of domino with various geometrical forms and digital designations

Checker-board for quadraminoes.

Playing positions of two decks.
Picture first.

playing strategy of four-digit images of numerical signs as dies in casino

Playing positions of proportional groups.
Picture second.

game design of quadratic dominoes of four-digit numerical combinations

Description of gaming design.

Basic design of any domino game are numbers which are put on playing pieces, but principle of dominoes can be realized differently, namely digital designations can be represented by different signs and can be derivatives of different numerical systems.
Classical dominoes have rectangular forms and signs of twofold or otherwise to tell pair digital combinations which are designated by points, or can be designated by means of pictures if game sets are intended for children.
Other variants of domino can have different geometrical forms and can carry various digital designations derivative of every possible mathematical systems of numbers.
If playing pieces of dominoes are square or otherwise to tell quadratic then combinations of numbers are four-digit, and are put at four sides in the form of scale points. Such playing pieces have names: quadraminoes or quadradominoes, or square quadratic dominoes.
There is the term "tetraminoes" but semantic meaning of this word is used as names of geometrical figures in the Tetris or in other similar logic puzzles, and consequently for naming of square dominoes it is better to use terms of quadraminoes or quadradominoes.
As a trading name it is better to use the term "quadramino" if manufacturers of board games and publishing companies, and also private publishers will be interested in industrial production.

The optimal for human perception and most known among various board games is the complete set of quadraminoes including 24 tokens with four-digit combinations of numbers from 1 to 3.
Package of the offered game design has two such quadramino decks or complete sets in which tokens differ with presence or absence of dark circles and different hachure drawings on backs, and also with color circles and contrast focusing arrows on front-face areas.
Concerning focusing arrows quantitative structures of numbers on four sides of playing pieces in two complete sets are equivalent. Namely if tokens of quadraminoes are focused by arrows in any one direction then two decks are directed by equivalent quantity of numbers in each of four directions.
Pay attention that directions of numbers in two complete sets are equivalent, but not identical. For example, tokens of quadraminoes with numerical combinations 1-1-1-3 have different directions of focusing arrows, that is possible to see in pictures at the left, and it is possible to consider in rules of various games and puzzles or conundrums.
Two colors of quadramino tokens in each complete set designate proportional groups in which too quantitative structures of numbers concerning focusing arrows are equivalent.
Namely design quality of the offered logic board game is proportional distribution of numbers according to four sides of squares which elements of quadraminoes are. Direction of numbers of red and yellow and also green and blue tokens in each of complete sets are equivalent, or otherwise to tell are focused in regular orders.
Owing to such design two or four participants of game can play by tokens of own complete sets, or proportional groups from structure of any one or two decks, and thus players have equal chances to win a prize. And also optimum playing interaction is provided if quadratic dominoes have arrangements on squares of a checker-board according to directions of focusing arrows.
Belonging of tokens to proportional groups in structure of decks is designated on backs by presence and absence of daggers.
The checker-board of this variant of board game has 10 horizontal and 8 vertical rows of squares. Such configuration allows to have quadramino tokens of two complete sets in initial playing positions as shown in picture 1, and two proportional groups of structure of any one deck as shown in picture 2.
Offered playing positions only show possible arrangements of quadraminoes on squares of the checker-board, but can be others. Scale points of four-digit numerical signs are shown in pictures by Arabian ciphers, and schematic arrows correspond to orientation of tokens or printed cards.
Verticals and horizontals of the checker-board have numerical and alphabetic notations, and squares are light and dark as on a chessboard.
Central zone of the board or otherwise to tell 48 squares in the center are allocated by contrast color, that corresponds to quantity of quadramino tokens in two complete sets, namely 24+24=48. The allocated central zone can be considered in a context of rules of various games and puzzles or conundrums.
In total by means of the shown gaming design and mathematical system of quadratic domino numbers it is possible to play various logic games and to solve diverse intellectual conundrums or puzzles.
Rules of games and puzzles in a context of the present board game can be very various as checker structure of the board multiply increases playing potential of quadratic dominoes which are actually equivalent to chessmen.

Images of checker-board and tokens or playing cards of quadratic dominoes, and also rule and instructions of games and puzzles can be downloaded in the PDF file: kvru.pdf.
This is PDF file where rules are written in Russian language, but you can download images for printing to play according to own rule inventions.

I hope that this intellectual board game with quadraminoes will seem to you entertaining and interesting!


Game design of quadratic dominoes can be constructed of four-digit numerical combinations in interval from 0 to 3.
Such game design contains 70 playing pieces in one complete set, that has the name mega quadraminoes or quadratic megadominoes.
Mathematical design of numbers in such deck is very complex and consequently is not optimum for rules of games, but can be interesting as a logic puzzle or conundrum, and also as mantic system for predictions because number 70 is connected with the calendar cycle of "solar gates" in the Book of Secrets or Slavonic Enoch and also with other cyclic calendars which allow to consider days and years.
Images of quadratic megadominoes, and also descriptions of mathematical and mantic calendar systems are possible for downloading in the PDF file on one of pages of this website.

The shown tiles or tokens if playing pieces are volumetric, or printed playing cards with numbers of square dominoes or otherwise to tell with four-digit images of numerical signs can be applied as dies or dice in casino or as cubes with digital symbols in kid board games. Namely the shown mathematical system of four-digit combinations can be used as a generator of random numbers if to consider scale points as variants of calculations in children board games with step-by-step playing strategy, or as combinations of numerical signs as a result of throwing dies in casino.
Inventors of intellectual board games and logic puzzles, or developers of new rules and original playing methods in a casino can consider it.
And also information about board game with quadraminoes can be interesting to software programmers and developers of new rules in computer games.