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Open dominoes on a playing board.
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games and puzzles in PDF files to download and playing dominoes
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
The new dominoes game is presented on this website pages.
The proposed game allows you to place domino tiles (elements) onto playing board squares. Due to this function the capability of gaming becomes much greater during playing, namely it is possible to play games and puzzles which were not known earlier.
It is possible to use different rules and instructions and altogether the quantity of games seems to be large without limit.
Various variants of numerical combinations are realized within the offered gaming concept according to which tiles of dominoes have on squares of a game board. These numerical variants of dominoes have patents for inventions, and in particular the basic game variant holds the patent of invention: RU2259223.
Present information is given for general examination and intends for to attract attention of interested persons who are interested in manufacture of these dominoes games on a playing board.
The edition or manufacture can be carried out on a basis of author's contract.
Elements of dominoes can be made as tiles (pieces or tokens) or as printed cards.
If you became interested in my dominoes game You can ask any questions. I shall try to answer any questions.

I shall be glad if this invention will interest International Federation of Domino, and in particular Spanish or USA organizing committee as game model of sports tournaments in programs of world championships.

Text translation of pages on this website is made by me.
I am not sure in accuracy of translation.
Inform how to correct if any words or phrases are wrong.

Yours faithfully, Sergey Leonidovich Panphilov.

e-mail: panf-sergey@list.ru or panfsergey@gmail.com

This design is not a computer gaming. It is the board game, but variants for computers can be realized. Namely variants of online-domino computer game programs can be developed for the Internet, and also for PC systems or mobile devices.

main tile sets of dominoes third tile set of dominoes rules and instructions of games

other domino tiles and token sets game of quadradominoes game of hexadominoes game of mega quadradominoes

Detailed descriptions of different variants of dominoes games look on pages of this website for what use blue buttons.
Main dominoes sets are two assortments of dominoes tiles with combinations of numbers from 0 up to 6 which are especially organized and adapted to games and puzzles on the playing board which has 8 verticals and 8 horizontals, and all has 64 squares.
Third dominoes set is an assortment of dominoes tiles with combinations of numbers from 0 up to 3 which too is especially organized and approaches for games on the playing board which has 64 squares.
The third complete set of dominoes tiles is more simple in comparison with the main complete sets, namely rules of games and puzzles are more simple and consequently the third complete set can be offered for initial acquaintance with the offered board game. But nevertheless game rules by means of dominoes tiles of the third complete set are not less interesting rather than games and puzzles by means of the main complete sets.
Other dominoes sets is a review of mathematical system of a domino as a whole.
Brief rules of games and puzzles is a manual and instructions for some gaming with the presented complete sets of dominoes tiles.
Quadraminoes (quadrilateral dominoes) are two sets of the square tiles with combinations of numbers from 1 up to 3 and the playing board which has 10 horizontal and 8 vertical numbers of squares.
Hexaminoes (hexagonal dominoes) are two sets of dominoes tiles having hexagonal forms and the appropriate hexagonal playing board.
Megaquadradominoes is the section where nine web pages describe big or mega complete set of quadrilateral tiles or pieces of square dominoes with four-digit combinations of numbers or ciphers from 0 to 3, and also mathematical game design of quadradominoes in comparison with esoteric system of "solar gates" in the apocryphal Book of the Secrets of Enoch, that allows to consider domino digits and squares of playing board as calendar and predictive mantic system.
And also nine web pages of this section describe esoteric ratios of seventy game pieces of mega square dominoes with sacral symbols of Sefirot or Sephirot in Mystical Cabala or Magical Kabbalah and heavenly spheres in Greek cosmological schemes or models of universe.
Chronological periods of sun and moon in calendar systems of ancient world.
Astronomical cycles of planets in astrology and heptagonal star of seven days of divine creation.
Metaphysical phenomena of world space and graphical characters or letters of alphabets.
Numerical geometrical matrixes and numbers of years in biblical chronology.
Hexagrams of the Chinese Book of Changes I-King and emotional characteristics of human personality.
Celestial levels of step pyramids of ancient Egypt and civilization Maya.
Five elements of Chinese philosophy and primary potentialities of universe in ancient Greek myths.
Mythological Archons in the context Gnostic Christianity and mystical symbols of 22 Arcana in the deck of Tarot playing cards.
Tiles with ciphers or pieces with numbers and playing board of mega square dominoes can be considered as calendar and predictive mantic system for divinations and predictions during decision of intellectual patience puzzles or logic games.

On pages of this website there are links to PDF files in which there are images for printing dominoes and playing boards in format A4, and also there are rules and instructions of games and puzzles with dominoes.
Some PDF files are in Russian where rules and instructions are written in Russian, but in these PDF files there are images for printing.
The rules and instructions of the mega variant of megaquadradominoes are presented in English.
And also rules and instructions for the third complete set of dominoes are translated into English language.

Also it is possible to look over my websites: portal of board games and art galleries

On the portal of board games and art galleries WWW.64G.RU pay attention to playing cards, letters and numbers which are analogues of the present open dominoes. The listed games are similar to a chess as playing elements (pieces, tiles, tokens, cards) are open on a board just as chessmen or checkers. The listed games in aggregate refer to chess or other intellectual games and logic puzzles.
Pages of the listed websites too have links on PDF files which can be downloaded, then it is possible to print images in format A4 and to try to play. PDF files result rules and instructions for games.
And also pay attention to art galleries of images in which it is possible to see mathematical laws and rules.

Code for the direct link to this web site about dominoes games.

Chess games.
This dominoes construction is similar to a chess, namely playing algorithms and rules of some domino games so complex as in a chess but also among playing instructions it is possible to find simple variants.

Games with checkers.
Also this dominoes construction is similar to games with checkers but among playing instructions it is possible to find more gaming variants.

Rules and instructions of board games.
Any computer variants of this game with domino tiles are not realized.

Intellectual gaming.
Construction of these dominoes on a playing board allows to carry out not only gaming but also intellectual logic puzzles.

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