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Games with hexagonal dominoes.
Element sets of hexaminoes.

This "hexadominoes" is related to dominoes type games but it has its individual separate patent for the invention RU2228781 and due to these circumstances can be issued separately.


The first set of hexagonal dominoes.

complete set of domino playing elements

The second set of hexagonal dominoes.

hexagonal domino package consist of two sets

Game board for hexagonal dominoes.

game board in the package of hexaminoes game


The hexadominoes (hexagonal dominoes) – is an unusual game conception. Its main feature is the fact that playing elements (pieces, tiles, printed cards) have six-sided shape but digits are applied only onto four opposite sides of playing elements.
The hexadominoes term as a name of this variant of dominoes game was chosen because playing elements, on which digits are applied onto six sides, are usually called “hexaminoes”. But in principle, the hexadominoes game is the same by digits as the quadradominoes game. It differs from the quadrilateral playing tiles due to the fact that game board squares and hexagonal playing elements are six-sided shapes.
The hexadominoes package consist of two standard sets (each set has 24 playing tiles, and digit combination from 1 to 3). They differ from each other by presence/absence of dark circles placed on back sides of playing tiles, and they differ from each other also by contrast orienting arrows, which are located on face sides of playing tiles.
The hexadominoes package arrangement is the same as the quadradominoes game arrangement. It means that two colors of each set designate proportional groups in the content of sets, which have proportional digit quantity, and also that their digits have proportional orientation in relation to orienting arrows. In this case, if these playing tiles are placed on the game board in accordance with orienting arrows’ direction, players have equal odds to win and game interaction between digits is optimal.
The game board is included in this hexadominoes game package. And this board cells have form which is the same as the hexagonal playing elements form.
The light and dark hexagonal cells are alternated in specified order. Horizontal cells have numerical designations. The game board central part squares are marked by a contrasting color.
The possibilities of location of these two sets’ hexagonal dominoes and two proportional groups' hexagonal dominoes, which belongs to a content of these sets, in the initial playing positions are shown in figures 1 and 2.
The arrangement and configuration of playing tiles and game board cells may be other ones. The proposed design – is only experimental model, which gives possibility to become acquainted with the hexagonal dominoes (hexadominoes) concept.

Images for printing can be downloaded in the PDF file.

This is PDF file where rules of games are written in Russian, but in this file there are images for printing in format A4.

I hope that the offered gaming with hexagonal dominoes will seem to you interesting!


Playing positions for two sets of domino tiles.
Figure 1st.

possibilities of location of two sets of hexadominoes

Playing positions of two proportional groups.
Figure 2nd.

playing positions of hexaminoes on the game board