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Element sets of quadrilateral dominoes.
Quadraminoes or tetraminoes.

This "quadradominoes" is related to dominoes type games but it has its individual separate patent for the invention RU2243802 and due to these circumstances can be issued separately.


Sets of quadrilateral dominoes.

standard quadradominoes (tetraminoes) set 24 tiles of dominoes with digit combination from 1 to 3

Game board for quadrilateral dominoes.

game board of quadrilateral dominoes

Playing positions of quadrilateral dominoes.
Figure 1st.

quadrilateral elements in the initial playing positions

Playing positions of quadrilateral dominoes.
Figure 2nd.

quadradomino digits are shown with help of Arabic figures


The principal features of these dominoes type games are the facts that digits are applied upon playing elements (pieces, tiles, printed cards). Nevertheless, the dominoes principles can be realized in different ways, and it means that these digits can be applied upon playing elements in different ways. If dominoes tiles have four sides, when digits are applied on four sides of each tile, these elements can be named as quadradominoes (quadrilateral dominoes or quadraminoes, or tetraminoes).
Standard quadradominoes set, which consist of 24 playing elements with digit combination from 1 to 3, is the most optimal set for a human perception.
The proposed game package consists of two standard sets, which differ from each other by presence/absence of dark circles placed on back sides of quadradominoes tiles. They also differ from each other by circles of different color and by contrast orienting arrows, which are located on face surfaces of these quadrilateral playing elements.
The quantity of digits on playing element sides in each set is proportional in relation to orienting arrows. It means that, if quadradominoes tiles are oriented by arrows in the same one direction, elements are directed by proportional quantities of digits in each of four directions.
Two colors of each element set mean proportional groups in these set contents, which digits are oriented proportionally too.
It means, that these proposed quadradominoes sets have following design feature: playing elements have proportional orientation of digits, and at the same time quantity and orientation of red elements’ digits are proportional to quantity and orientation of yellow elements’ digits in the first set, and in the second set quantity and orientation of green elements’ digits are proportional to quantity and orientation of blue elements’ digits. Due to this arrangement each player can play with his own set’s elements or with playing elements of his own proportional group, which belongs to a content of any one set. In this case, if these quadradominoes tiles are placed on the game board in accordance with orienting arrows’ direction, players have equal odds to win and game interaction is optimal. This is important, as a game that stands unbalanced from the start, whether you're playing Monopoly or playing bingo online, is a fruitless exercise for the player or players at the disadvantage.
The fact that these quadrilateral playing elements belong to proportional groups in content of sets is designated by presence/absence of crosses on back sides of these quadrilateral dominoes tiles.
The necessary game board is consisting of the 10 horizontal and the 8 vertical square rows. This game board gives possibility to place these two sets’ quadrilateral elements in the initial playing positions in the manner which is shown in figure 1, and also to place elements of two proportional groups, which belongs to a content of any one set, in the manner which is shown in figure 2.
These proposed playing positions are assigned only to demonstrate possible element allocations. As a fact, they can have another allocation. The quadradominoes digits are shown with help of Arabic figures inside of schematic frames of the game board squares. Playing elements orientation is shown with help of schematic arrows.
The board squares have numerical and letter designation. The light and dark squares are alternated as in a chess. The game board central part is marked by a contrasting color. It includes 48 squares, which quantity is equal to quantity of playing elements in two sets.
Thus, the quadradominoes package includes two playing element sets, which are arranged and designated in the special manner, and also has special game board. And the board square structure is matched up with shape and quantity of quadrilateral dominoes playing tiles.


Images for printing can be downloaded as the PDF file.

This is PDF file in Russian where rules are written in Russian language, but in this file there are images for printing.

The gaming package can contain the mega version of quadrilateral dominoes which are described on the corresponding page of this website.

I hope that the offered gaming with quadrilateral dominoes will seem to you interesting!