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The open gaming with mega square dominoes.
Esoteric game system of quadraminoes.

Nine pages in this section of website show the board game "megaquadradominoes" or otherwise mega square dominoes which are equivalent to mathematical design of quadraminoes or tetraminoes.
First web page shows complete set of 70 quadrilateral tiles of mega square dominoes or quadraminoes and view of playing board. Also description of gaming rules and link on PDF file with images which can be downloaded, then it is possible to make this game design in the form of printed playing cards and to play.
Second web page describes ratio of mathematical design of mega square dominoes with metaphysical esoteric system of "solar gates" in apocryphal Book of the Secrets of Enoch also referred to as "Slavonic Enoch" or "2 Enoch", and also ratios of verticals and horizontals of playing board with seven days of creation and ten symbols of Sefirot or Sephirot in Jewish Cabala or the Magical or Mystical Kabbalah according to positions of astrological planets in the seven-pointed or heptagonal Star of Magi.
Third web page compares metaphysical system of solar gates to the Christian liturgical calendar. And also game design of mega square dominoes is shown as chronological system which allows to correlate days of solar year with the cyclic calendar of Qumran religious community or ciphers of the pyramid Kukulkan in Chichen Itza, or allows by means of games and patience puzzles to calculate chronological ratios of days and years with celestial planets and heavenly spheres.
Fourth web page describes symbolical meanings which during games or patience puzzles at arrangement of quadrilateral tiles of mega square dominoes on checker fields of playing board designate the psycho-physiological matrix of human personality within mathematical model of universe, that allows to use digital design of quadradominoes as esoteric mantic system for divinations and predictions.
Fifth web page shows mathematical laws and numerical ratios according to which 70 quadrilateral tiles and playing board of mega square dominoes are similar to astronomical cycles of planets and metaphysical structures of universe, and also hierarchies of mythological gods and psycho-physiological matrix of human personality.
Sixth web page compares mathematical system of mega square dominoes with lunar calendars and five elements or substances of Chinese philosophy, and also primary potentialities of Greek mythology and celestial pentad of divine aeons in Gnostic Christianity.
Seventh web page shows numerical ratio of game design of mega square dominoes with astrological circle and 18-day periods of time in the cycle Haab of ancient symbolical calendar of civilization Maya, and also with astronomical or astrological cycles of the planet Venus.
Eighth web page compares digital combinations of quadrilateral dominoes with letters of ancient and contemporary alphabets, and also with levels of step pyramids of ancient Egypt and civilizations of Central America.
Besides eighth page shows numerical matrixes according to which step pyramids of ancient civilizations correspond with astronomical cycles of planets in astrology and calendar numbers, or symbols of Mystical Cabala and playing cards in the Tarot deck, and in particular with heavenly spheres which symbolize metaphysical design of world space or cosmos of universe.
Ninth web page results information on ratio of mathematical game design of mega square dominoes with hexagonal and rhomboid geometrical matrixes of numbers.


Description of the mega square dominoes.
Rules of games and intellectual puzzles.

1st group
of 35 quadrilateral domino tiles.

set of quadrilateral playing tiles or pieces with four-digit domino combinations

2nd group
of 35 quadrilateral domino tiles.

numerical design and mathematical system of ciphers on pieces of square dominoes

Image of playing chess board
of the mega square dominoes.

designation of playing board with symbols or signs of astrological planets

Megaquadradominoes or mega square dominoes is the big complete set of 70 quadrilateral playing tiles or pieces with four-digit combinations of numbers or ciphers from 0 to 3.
Mathematical system of ciphers or numerical signs of the small complete set of square dominoes or otherwise short deck of quadradominoes is included in the big complete set. Namely if to remove 46 tiles which have cipher 0 then numerical design of 24 game pieces with four-digit combinations from 1 to 3 will be ordered, that corresponds to the small complete set or short deck of quadradominoes or quadrilateral dominoes.
The big complete set of mega square dominoes cannot be focused in four directions by proportional quantity of ciphers because number 70 has no division by 4, and consequently game pieces have no focusing arrows which are designed in the small deck.
Four colors corresponds to ciphers which are drawn on game pieces in the form of linear marks at four edges. In particular there are following color and digital designations: yellow - zero, red - one, blue - two, green - three.
Playing design of the big complete set of mega square dominoes consists of 2 proportional groups or equivalent portions in which game pieces possess equal mathematical ratios of numerical combinations. Namely 35 game pieces in each group have proportional quantity of ciphers, that provides equal chances of a win if two players participate in gaming process.
Two proportional groups are designated by dark and white circles on face and reverse sides of domino pieces.
The playing board has 7 verticals and 10 horizontals which form 70 checkered squares which are necessary for 70 game pieces of quadradominoes.
The checkered squares have color ordering as dark and light, that specifies diagonals as on a chess board.
Verticals and horizontals of playing board are designated with combinations of Latin alphabetic letters which mean: SL - Sun, LN - Moon, ME - Mercury, VE - Venus, MA - Mars, UP - Jupiter, SA - Saturn, UR - Uranus, NE - Neptune, PL - Pluto.
Designation of playing board by means of symbols or signs of astrological planets corresponds with mathematical system of ciphers in the design of mega square dominoes, that has esoteric sense which can be used for mantic patience puzzles and conundrums in which game pieces symbolize digital numerological laws of universe. Namely quadrilateral pieces or tiles of mega quadradominoes can be used not only for logic games or intellectual puzzles, but also for divinations and predictions as mantic system which allows to see mathematical laws of world space or rules of universe and principles of numerology in configurations of four-digit domino ciphers on checkered squares of playing board.
Look detail information about mantic predictive system of mega square dominoes and about esoteric values of ciphers and numbers, and also about mathematical ratio of 70 game pieces with calendars and planets in astrology on following pages in this section of website.


Face and reverse images of game pieces of square dominoes of the big complete set and also pictures of playing board for printing in format A4 by home printer can be downloaded in the PDF file.

images from PDF file for printing on standard home printers

Images from this PDF file are possible for printing on standard home printers.
Then you may to manufacture pieces of dominoes in the form of paper playing cards, to test playing features and predictive mantic parameters of the offered intellectual board game.
But also quadrilateral pieces of mega dominoes can be made as volumetric game tiles or tokens if someone of commercial manufacturers of board games is interested.
And also pieces or tiles of mega square dominoes or quadraminoes can be manufactured of valuable wood or natural stones, color glass or various metals as gift and souvenir copies. If it will be interesting for collectors of playing cards or logic board games, or as gifts for poker gamers or bridge players.

Key rules of board games and puzzles with pieces of mega quadradominoes.

Rules of games or patience puzzles can be different, namely players can invent various gaming variants but the most elementary is logic puzzle or intellectual conundrum in which 70 quadrilateral pieces of dominoes are necessary to arrange with comparison of all edges by identical ciphers on 70 squares of playing board.
For this purpose one gamer or puzzler shuffles complete set of mega square dominoes and have behind of playing board, and then player spread quadrilateral pieces by terns on any free squares with comparison by identical ciphers.
If any pieces of dominoes can not be laid out on squares of playing board according to game rules then logic puzzle is considered as lost. But thus it can be authorized to shift domino pieces on the board according to game rules until all dominoes will be compared by identical ciphers.
Besides it can be authorized to remove domino pieces from the playing board and then again to spread on squares.

This patience puzzle can be considered as a game if two players spread pieces of dominoes on playing board and also if everyone plays with own proportional group. Namely in this case one gamer should lay out dominoes with dark circles, and second player with white circles.
If someone cannot execute own turn then has the right to shift domino pieces over squares of playing board.
If rearrangements of domino pieces does not allow to execute a tern then player loses also game comes to the end.

Also there can be variant of game rules in which pieces of quadrilateral dominoes with dark and light circles are authorized for arranging on corresponding dark and light squares of playing board.

There can be inventions of many other gaming rules and playing methods according to which it is possible to play logic games or intellectual patience puzzles by means of quadrilateral pieces of mega square dominoes. In particular as samples it is possible to take rules of games and puzzles which are described in the manual for small complete set of quadraminoes on pages of this website in section which has the name quadradominoes.
I hope that this offered board game and esoteric mantic system of mega square dominoes will be interesting!

Following web page describes esoteric system of "solar gates" which correspond with mathematical design of the mega square dominoes and order of astrological planets, and which are known from The Book of Enoch Secrets.