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Open dominoes as chess men.
Design of board games with domino tokens.

Mathematical systems of numbers.
This design of domino games can be recommended for International Federation of Dominoes.

design of logic game for International Federation of Dominoes Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
The new board game with dominoes is presented on pages of this website.
The offered game design allows to have tiles or tokens of dominoes on squares of a chess board, that many increases potential of gaming interactions. Namely players can have rules of games and conundrums or logic puzzles which were not known earlier. Rules allow to play with completely open information and equal chances of players to win, that allows to speak that this board game with dominoes reminds a chess or checkers and is not hazardous, or otherwise to tell casual as poker or roulette. Players can move tiles or tokens of dominoes on squares of a board as chessmen, and in particular as queens or kings, but tactical interaction occurs according to numbers, namely gaming process assumes application of traditional rules of domino games or conundrums.
The offered game design is realized according to various conceptual variants, or otherwise to tell mathematical numerical systems of dominoes which have patents for inventions.
In particular the main basic variant and the third complete set of dominoes hold the patent of invention RU2259223. Complete sets of quadratic and hexagonal dominoes possess patents of inventions RU2243802 and RU2228781.
Pages of this website give general information according to which it is possible to estimate design features and numerical systems of present devices of domino. And also pages have links on PDF files with rules of various games and puzzles, and with pictures or images of domino tiles or tokens for printing in format À4.
Edition or manufacturing of this board game with dominoes can be carried out according to license or author contracts. According to patents of inventions.
Pieces of dominoes can be made in the form of volumetric tiles or tokens, or as printed playing cards.
This design of domino games is not for computers. It is the real board game, but virtual variants for computers can be realized according to patents of inventions. Namely for PC systems or mobile devices such as iPad, and also variants of online computer gaming programs can be developed for the Internet.


volumetric tiles or tokens designs of third domino set rules of some games and puzzles

mathematical systems of numbers two decks of quadraminoes variants for computer games system of mega quadraminoes

Detailed descriptions of different variants of designs of domino games look on pages of this website for what use blue buttons.
Main sets of dominoes have two assortments or packs of tiles with digital combinations from 0 to 6 and one playing board of eight vertical and horizontal rows of 64 squares as a chessboard. Packs of domino tiles are especially organized as chessmen for games and puzzles on the checkered board.
Third domino set has one assortment of tiles or tokens with digital combinations from 0 to 3 and the same playing board of 64 squares as for main sets of dominoes in the common design of this gaming construction. Tiles of one pack in third domino set too are especially organized as chessmen for games and puzzles on 64 squares of checkered board.
Other domino sets have various assortments or packs with different digital combinations and numerical systems on tiles or tokens, and in essence it is the review of general mathematical system of digits or numbers of dominoes.
Rules of some games and puzzles have manuals and instructions for gaming by means of various complete sets and packs of domino tiles.
Quadraminoes or quadratic dominoes are two decks of square domino tiles with digital combinations from 1 to 3 and one playing board of ten horizontal and eight vertical rows of squares.
Hexaminoes or hexagonal dominoes are two sets of tokens or tiles having six-square forms and appropriate shapes of a cellular playing board.
Quadratic mega dominoes are the big complete set of 70 square tiles or tokens with combinations of digits from 0 to 3.
Tiles of quadratic megadominoes have mathematical or numerical design of digits which correspond to metaphysical system of Solar Gates in the book of Slavonic Enoch, that allows to consider this domino assortment or game set as calendar and mantic predictive construction for predictions and divinations or card-readings.

The third domino complete set can be downloaded in the form of PDF file which has images of tokens and pictures of playing board suitable for printing in format A4, and also detailed rules for variants of games and conundrums or puzzles.
Game rules for third domino set are written by English language.
The main complete sets of dominoes with rules of 64 games and conundrums also can be downloaded in the form of PDF files in which there are images suitable for printing in format A4.
Complete sets of quadratic and hexagonal dominoes too are published in PDF files for downloading.
Game rules for main sets and quadratic or hexagonal dominoes are written by Russian language.
But some rules and instructions are translated into English on one of pages of this website to try to play.
Images and pictures from PDF files can be printed on usual home printers.

If the offered intellectual board game with dominoes on a chessboard has interested you then ask any questions. I shall be glad to answer.
And also I shall be glad if the offered gaming invention will interest the International Federation of Domino, and in particular British or USA Associations of players as playing model of sports tournaments in programs of world championships.
I hope that this model of board game will be realized by British or USA federations of dominoes and then will be offered to the international congress of players.

Sergey Leonidovich Panphilov.
E-mails: or


Code for the link to this web site about design of domino games.

Mathematical chess games.
The offered digital construction of dominoes is similar to chessmen, namely playing algorithms so complex as in chess games, but also there are simple variants of rules.
Games with draughts.
And also the offered domino design is similar to draughtsman as tokens with numbers form tactical combinations and positions on a checker-board.
Tactical board games.
These digits of dominoes are a board game as any computer programs or software variants of conundrums are not realized.
Intellectual games and logic conundrums.
Dispositions and arrangements of domino tokens on squares of a chess board allow to play intellectual games, or logic conundrum puzzles.

Excuse for this advertising, but may be for players with checkers and chess, and also to participants of sports tournaments in intellectual board games and puzzles there will be interesting information on pages of this website.
In particular information about the offered design of games can be interesting to members of International Domino Federation or FID, and also for organizing committee of tournaments and world championships, that dominoes could be recognized as a kind of sports or otherwise tell sporting discipline, and could be included by the international Olympic committee in the program of Olympiads. As rules of the offered domino construction are quite similar to a chess or checkers, namely players have equal odds of a prize and open information that is necessary attribute of sporting games.
And also the offered design of domino borad games can be perceived as a mathematical toy by means of which gamers can solve diverse logic sums in intellectual tournaments and gaming competitions.
The offered domino tiles are similar to chessmen as game occurs on a playing board which has 64 fields as in a chess. Hence, various games are possible if digits have moving as chessmen figures, but however gaming process assumes application of traditional playing rules of dominoes.

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